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Our client's privacy, security, and asset protection is our primary concern.

Enviro Solutions Hawaii is built upon strong client relationships.

Fleet Vehicle Solutions:
  • External Pressure Washing
  • Tire and Rim Cleaning

Our solutions are environmentally friendly, leveraging the latest clean technologies
available and following the strictest disposal procedures established by the
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the State of Hawaii.

  • Environmentally friendly cleaning techniques
  • Leverage the latest technology for greater efficiency
  • Use a "closed" recycle system with pollutant filtration
  • Utilize hot water capability for tough stains
  • Highly reliable and responsive to your needs
  • Provides our clients with excellent customer care
  • Significant Reduction in Noise Pollution
  • Fully insured
How our team differentiates itself...
We are one of the only service providers to have a
wastewater hauling permit, allowing us to remove
contaminated water from your facility for safe disposal.
We specialize in the efficient servicing of fleet vehicles in
the delivery and hospitality transportation industries.  
Vans, box trucks, step-up delivery vans, mini-buses and
buses, no job is too large for our team of experts.
Fleet Vehicle Services
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607 Kealahou Street
Honolulu, Hawaii 96825
Office: (808) 722 5824
We carry $2,000,000 of commercial
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