Hawaii's premier environmental solutions provider.
We care about Hawaii's unique environment
Enviro Solutions Hawaii, is an environmental services company providing
specialized environmental solutions to include commercial and residential
property pressure washing, tree trimming services, vehicle fleet washing,
roof and solar panel cleaning.  

Our organization serves the greater Honolulu area and our primary business
focus is providing reliable solutions for the driveways, walkways, parking
structures and common areas of residential and commercial properties such
as shopping centers and office buildings plus institutional facilities like
hospitals and schools.

Our services are performed by thoroughly trained Enviro Solutions Hawaii
employees.  We use the latest cleaning technology to significantly reduce
noise pollution while capturing waste water as required under state and
federal law.
607 Kealahou Street Honolulu, Hawaii 96825
Office: (808) 722 5824
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Expert Commercial Pressure Washing

Protecting the Environment

Dependable, Professional Tree Trimming

Reliable Roof and Solar Panel Cleaning
We are your local experts in
Commercial and Residential Facility Cleaning,
Tree Trimming, Fleet Vehicle Cleaning, Roof and
Solar Panel Cleaning.
607 Kealahou Street
Honolulu, Hawaii 96825
Office: (808) 722 5824
Our reliability, experience and attention to detail will help your business stand out   
in the crowd while maintaining the highest environmental standards.  
No harmful chemicals or excessive noise.  
No dumping of petroleum pollutants into storm drains.
Our licensed arborist leads a team of qualified, highly trained Enviro
Solutions Hawaii personnel to provide you with the best service.
We offer a variety of fleet vehicle washing, residential
property washing and commercial property washing services.
Maximize your investment with periodic cleaning of the roof and solar panels.